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Virtual Conference

A place for you to chat

Here, you can find a community full of people with the same interests as you or even create one yourself! You can also just chill with some friends online. Neochat is an easy-to-use app with lots of fun features that allows you to chat whenever you like!

Chatting Made Simple

Most "Chat Apps" just have the one chat box for everyone to type in. This makes for, well... A mess. Not with us however! All our communities are organised into multiple sections for people to chat in.
Chat Made Easy

Want an invite only community? We got It!

Want a public community for anyone? Got that too!

You might be apart of a book club, games group, school club or just want to have a place to hang out with some friends; you can create an invite only space for that!

Or, you might be a YouTuber who wants to create a place for fans to meet. You might be a member of a fandom who wants to create a fan community. With Neochat, you can also create a public community that people can just search for & join!

Ready to start?

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