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Why is Neochat better?

Create your own community

Unlike other apps, you don't need to go through some complex application process where you know you probably won't even get accepted, you can just press the +Create Group button and create your community! Wheather your a YouTuber who wants to create a place for fans to hang out, a person who wants to make a fan club or just a place for you to hang with some friends, it's easy with Neochat.

We're not just a chat app

We're not just an app for people to have a conversation (but you can do that), we're also an app with games, support, collecting & more! You can be in multiple communities at one time too! Communities aren't just chat groups, they're a place for people with an interest of people to talk about that interest!

Organised Chat

Most "Chat Apps" just have the one chat box for everyone to type in. This makes for, well... A mess of multiple conversations going on at one time with no real order. Not with us however! In every community, there's multiple sections for specific topics & conversations. This makes it way easier to have a proper conversation with people.

We don't do it for the money

It seems that every app is made for the money but not us. We're doing it because if it helps people make friends, have fun & be excited for Neochat, it's worth it. Of course, we do like money (like everyone) so we do have purchases but to actually use our app, it's free!

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